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First Impressions

The 90's are back!

14 comedians and 1 real-life audience member compete to win the heart of a famous celeberity guest bachelor/bachelorette through rounds of Q&A and challenge questions, with the help of expert advice from a credited relationship therapist. All hosted by your 90's dream-team Yoni, John, and Taylor.


A GOOD TIME with Yoni Lotan

The world is a terrible place. Everyone is fighting and the President is tweeting the word "Hamberders". How about we take a night to pay homage to the NICE THINGS in life.

"A Good Time" is the first ever POSITIVE TALK SHOW in American history! That’s right, with big celebrity guests, insane acts that you would normally never see and LIVE BAND KARAOKE! A Good Time is the nicest talk show in American history!


HIGGINS - The Intsagram show

Do you take more pictures of food than people? Are most of your photos duck-lipped selfies? Or maybe your pics show that you just love your cat WAY too much? We hope so! The improv team Higgins would love to look at your Instagram feed and make up an entire show based on what we find. Just bring your phone and a sense of humor.

Members of Higgins have appeared on Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer, Late Night with Seth Meyers, MTV, IFC, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Funny or Die, and Above Average.

NIPSEY - House Sketch Team

After being on UCB's premier sketch comedy slot "Maude Night", NIPSEY has moved up to house sketch team, in which they perform a new show twice a month. NIPSEY is a fully stacked team with talent that's been featured on HBO, Netflix, Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and much more.


This flagship touring show is a 90-minute, unscripted and totally improvised performance. Four improvisers at the top of their game perform a high-energy, surprising and hilarious show that has never been seen before and will never be seen again.